CAMP Program


OneMind Dogs CAMP 2016 is an international, four-day long agility training camp packed with dogs, agility and positive attitude! The CAMP is organized by OneMind Dogs.


Camp registration starts on Tuesday, April 5th at 6 pm; Finnish time (UTC -5:00 / Toronto & New York 11 am / San Francisco 8 am). The spots will be filled on first come first served basis.


OneMind Dogs Premium members can register for the CAMP at a discounted price.

What's it all about?


When? 1st-4th of September 2016


What?  Understand agility like never before - from your dog’s perspective.


Where? McCannDogs, Canada, Ontario. Map & Virtual Tour.


Who's it for? Anyone who is keen to get to know the OneMind Dogs Method or deepen their understanding of it by focusing on the OneMind Dogs foundation skills. Dog and handler teams of all levels are welcome. If you are looking for long courses and lots of running, this camp is not for you.


The program is similar to last year’s successful camp, and OneMind Dogs foundation skills are at its heart.


At OMD CAMP 2016 we practice the OneMind Dogs Method from the ground up. We focus on the basic principles and learn how to apply them in practice. We learn how the OMD Coaches build the foundation for their own dogs, as they share their experience and knowledge with us.



Both beginner and advanced dogs and handlers are welcome to attend the OMD CAMP 2016. No previous agility skills are required from your dog.


However, it is important that your dog can concentrate on working with you, even in a situation where there are a lot of dogs and people around.  It is also crucial that your dog is not aggressive towards other dogs or people.​

Content and preliminary schedule


The four days of OMD CAMP 2016 will be filled with training sessions and lectures by OneMind Dogs coaches from all around the world. The coaches will be teaching the participants to:


  • Better understand their dogs’ natural behavior

  • Use OneMind Dogs foundation exercises as the building blocks for a successful career in agility

  • Understand how the seven handling elements work in handling

  • Execute many different OneMind Dogs handling techniques

  • See agility courses from their dogs' point of view

  • ... and a lot more!

Working and auditor spots, prices
All prices are in USD. Please check the up to date currency rate here.
Working spot includes:


  • 13 x training sessions, both with & without dogs

  • 4 x lectures & demos

  • Access to Pre Seminar website with videos and articles

  • A cool OneMind Dogs T-shirt


Working spot prices:

  • 1270 USD [approx. 1150 EUR] for OneMind Dogs Premium Members

  • 1460 USD [approx. 1350 EUR] for OneMind Dogs Free Members / Non Members

Auditor spot includes:


  • Full  access to all training sessions and lectures during the week

  • Access to Pre Seminar website with videos and articles

  • A cool T-shirt


Auditor prices:

  • 1-3 days is 165 USD [approx. 150 EUR] / day

  • 4 days 440 USD [approx. 400 EUR]

On Saturday evening we will host a Dinner Party for all camp participants (working spot and auditor).


The seminar prices do not include lunches or the dinner party. We will let you know these prices closer to the time.


Please note that the camp payment is non-refundable once you have paid for your place. In case of cancellation we at OMD will help you sell the spot, in case we have a queue of people waiting for possible opening spaces.


Pay no money on registration! You will be invoiced for the camp fee electronically in May 2016.

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