OMD CAMP 2016 introduction


Is OMD just a bunch of fancy moves? Why does it often look like the dog is reading the OMD handler’s mind?


At its best, dog agility is a seamless cooperation between dog and handler – as if they were one. From the outside it looks easy! This connection the heart of OneMind Dogs Methodology.


The OMD handling techniques are tools that make it easier for you to guide your dog successfully through an agility course. But there is a lot more behind a flowing course performance than mastering the techniques. The magical connection with your dog, the skills you both master, and your enthusiasm for training, all depend on your ability to understand your dog’s perspective. Once you learn to see the course from your dog’s point of view, it is easier for you both to learn to use the skills you already have, and to add new tools to your toolbox.


At OMD CAMP 2016 we practice the OneMind Dogs Methodology from the ground up. We focus on the basic principles and learn how to apply them in practice. We learn how the OMD Coaches build the foundation for their own dogs, as they share their experience and knowledge with us.


Dog and handler teams of all levels are welcome. If you are looking for long courses and lots of running, this camp is not for you. If you’re looking for an exchange of ideas and the chance to learn from some of the best agility handlers in the world, we look forward to meeting you in September!



Join us and understand agility like never before - from your dog’s perspective
- and learn how to work together as one!

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