Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about OneMind Dogs camps. Please read through the questions and answers before submitting your own question.


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Last updated Feb 19th, 2016.



Q: When registration opens on, what time zone are you using?

A: UTC/GMT -5 hours which is the local time in Toronto. See the current time in Toronto, Canada. Camp registration starts on Tuesday April 5th at 6 pm, Finnish time (UTC -5:00 / Toronto & New York 11 am / San Francisco 8 am).



Q: How many participant (and auditor) spots are available?

A: At the moment we are prepared for a maximum of 40 dogs (working spots). Auditor spots are also limited.





Q: Will all sessions be indoors?
A: Majority of the sessions are indoors



Dog and handler levels


Q: Are groups going to be at different levels? IMPORTANT! 

A: There will be no different level groups on this CAMP. Everyone will be doing the same exercises, but the coaches will be guiding everyone according to their individual requirements.



Q: Is the camp intended for one canine/human team or is it set up where human may interchange another canine?

A: Sure you can change your dogs. Handler of the dog(s) / working spot cannot be changed.



Q: I have a green dog and a master level can I take both and be able to work both?

A: Yes, you can.



Q: How are the participants being selected?

A: Participants are selected in the order they register.



Q: I participated the CAMP last year in Canada. Is this a good continuation event for me?
A: The OneMind Dogs foundation skills are at the core of this camp – the program is similar to last year's.





Q: Will you be dividing groups by levels and are exercises level group specific or does everyone do the same exact exercises in rotation?
A: As the focus on this CAMP will be on the basics, everyone will be doing the same exercises and there will be no different level groups.



Q: Will we learn how to combine techniques?

A: There will be a couple of training sessions where we will combine a few of the techniques that have first been taught separately, into short sequences.



Q: How much time will be devoted to flat work/foundation vs. working on handling course sequences with obstacles. I don't care about running long courses but I want to know how much of the training is devoted to pre-obstacle exercises?

A: The focus on the CAMP will be on OneMind Dogs foundation training, which will be mostly training on the flat, without obstacles, and yes, also with just one jump. One goal in OneMind Dogs training is to teach the handlers to understand the course reading from the dog’s perspective. That is why we will also do a lot of training without dogs.


Q: How closely will this camp be to the camp that was last year? I want to know how relevant the perspectives of friends who attended that camp are to what will be offered this year?
A:  If you have already attended an OneMind Dogs foundation training seminar, or an OneMind Dogs techniques seminar, you have probably already done some of the exercises we are doing to do at the CAMP. On the other hand, these are the things that are the heart of everything we do at OMD, and we feel you can never pay too much attention to the basics :)





Q: Is auditing limited?
A: Auditor spots are also limited.



Q: Will auditors be permitted to ask questions during working sessions?

A: Yes, auditors can ask questions.



Q: Can auditors bring their dogs with them?
A: We are using all of the facilities at the training center which unfortunately means there’s no space indoors for other dogs.



Q: Can auditors bring dogs to practice during off hours ?

A: At the moment it seems this is not possible, since the CAMP schedule is pretty tight.



Q: I was wondering if you are allowing people to audit just on Saturday/Sunday?  I work, and doubt I will be able to get any days off.  Also are you interested in working auditors for the weekend?

A: For now it is possible to book auditing only for the full duration of the camp. We will inform you later if weekend spots become available.





Q: I have registered and paid for the event but now can’t attend. How can I cancel my participation and get my money back?

A: Please note that the camp payment is non-refundable once you have paid for your place. In case of cancellation we at OneMind Dogs will help you sell the spot, in case we have a queue of people waiting for possible opening spaces. Contact us at



Q: What is your policy if you (OneMind Dogs) cancel the event? (I lost an entire registration fee elsewhere due to this so I need to know).

A: In that unlikely event OneMind Dogs would of course return the whole fee.

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