About us

OMD CAMP 2016 is organized and hosted by OneMind Dogs Ltd, a group of passionate and skilled agility handlers, coaches and innovators.


Our goal is to help every dog owner to understand their dog’s natural behavior by sharing OneMind Dogs Method.

The skills we teach help you to increase the mutual connection between handlers and dogs, making training more fun for you as a team. 


We believe in sharing our knowledge and working together to develop and keep refining our method, because as a community we can achieve amazing things.


Our founder coaches have had wonderful results with OneMind Dogs; in almost every agility competition in Finland, and now all around the world, you will find dogs trained with our methods reaching the top ten. Our coaches live and breathe agility. Together, we are on a mission to strengthen and build our global pack, forming an active agility community where you can meet and talk with like-minded people. Join us - your dog will thank you for it!

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